Marco Polo Ignacio


Music is a potent force for change and action; listening to good music drives your energy throughout the day, aiding you on doing your goals.

“The brightest moments of my life would be playing my instrument; it is the most ecstatic experience there is, sometimes even surpassing the act of loving.”


MARCO POLO C. IGNACIO (born September 18, 1983) is a composer, songwriter, arranger, violinist, and a music teacher. He and his rondalla arrangements, which trended on social media on 2018 and 2019, paved the way on re-introducing rondalla music to the present generation by arranging popular OPM songs for the rondalla ensemble.

He is the composer of the song “When God Made A Way,” a wedding song that was interpreted and made famous by the wedding band, GSeven Band

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Academic Compositions

Graduation Recital:
Vocalise (for flute and clarinet)
Let There Be An End (an art song with declamations)
Suite for Woodwind Quintet
Piece for Brass Quintet
Piece for String Orchestra and Tuned Percussion
Piece for Piano and Orchestra (2007)
Symphonic Suite in Three Movements (2007)

My Works

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